The Modesto Rental Market Update for Investors & Landlords

Modesto Rental Market Update

Today, we’re providing an update on the rental market in Modesto and California’s central valley. If you’re thinking about purchasing an investment property, you might want to consider this area. It’s a great time to buy and the rental market is strong enough that you’ll be sure to earn a great return on your investment.…

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4 Tips to Keep Your Modesto Tenant Renting for the Long Term

4 Tips to keep Modesto tenant renting long term

Having a great tenant in place for the long term provides many benefits for your rental property. You don’t have to worry about turnover costs, and you know you can rely on getting rent paid on time. There’s also the peace of mind that your tenant is taking good care of your property and treating…

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The Complete Guide to Finding a Modesto Property Management Company

Guide to Finding Modesto PM

Today, we’re helping property owners and investors who are looking for a property management company, but aren’t sure where to start. Remember that owning a rental property is just like owning a business, and you want your property manager to treat it that way. Referrals and Research Start by getting referrals from people you trust.…

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Why Work with Valley Oak Property Management

why work with Valley Oak Property Managment

There are a number of excellent reasons to work with Valley Oak Property Management, and today we want to share a few of those reasons with you. Full Time Service Our large staff of full time employees is available to help with whatever you need. Whether you have a question about a repair request on…

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